Ears for days

Two corners of the same sky

The Catch

I have all these feelings trapped
inside my chest and I can’t ever
put them into words, I can
only put them into
sighs and muffled whimpers,
thousand-yard stares and
a chest so tight that my
breath catches in my throat.

They say that to name a thing is
to limit it and I know that
if I could turn these emotions into
the songs they’re trying to sing I could
do something about them, but I don’t
even know their names.

There are people in this world I can
read like books but I’m
not even sure what language
I’m written in.

Brown-eyed girls
White-naped crane
The Awakening

You tasted me and I arose,
ancient, unbelonging,
wide-eyed and reviled,
but at last awake
- and screaming,
my heart is screaming
a thousand pleas,
a thousand don’t-leave-mes
all wrapped up in farewells
and go-to-hells
but I have not yet looked back.
I am not yet lost.

Amenia, NY